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Nurses sacrifice a lot to save the lives of their patients. No matter what unit you're in, your job can take a toll on your mental and physical health.

I'm Lindsay, and as a Nurse myself, I understand first-hand the struggles you face. Taking time out of your busy day for self-care has lasting benefits, so I developed YogaHealth Nurse with that belief in mind. Self-care through yoga helps you alleviate stress and approach jobs in a more relaxed manner. It not only benefits you as individuals but helps your patients as well.

With my online yoga studio, your personal yoga studio exists in your very own home. All you need to begin the path towards a more relaxed mindset is a little bit of "me time" and a mat. Practicing daily yoga becomes a way for you to recover after long shifts, or prepare yourself to face the challenge of the day ahead of you. In each yoga class, you will get the chance to release muscle tension and recharge your mind, body, and spirit. Classes are also infused with opportunities for you to do some stretching and strengthening movements infused with breath awareness. As an online yoga studio created with Nurses' struggles in mind, YogaHealth Nurse offers classes tailored to the things that not only improve your health but helps you work more effectively as a Nurse.

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Being A Nurse Is Stressful

- Relax With One Of My Yoga Classes -

By day, I work as a cardiac Nurse practitioner. By night, I am a yoga teacher, a CrossFitter, and a health and nutrition enthusiast. Throughout my decade spent as a Nurse, I have learned the importance of practicing stress management. My yoga mat is now my daily escape from the tensions that come from being a Nurse. I want you to use your mat to align your mind, body, and spirit. My online yoga classes are designed to help Nurses like myself. When I am not teaching online, I am providing my clients with one-on-one instruction and classes at their hospitals ( call to learn more about my hospital classes).

I Focus On

  • Conveniently Bringing Yoga To Your Nurse-Life
  • Helping You Destress At The End Of Your Shift
  • Creating Human Connection

I Am The YogaHealth Nurse, And I Offer

Private Yoga · Online Yoga Classes · Yoga Workshops · Monthly Membership · One-On-One Coaching · Community Coffee Talks

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The YogaHealth Nurse serves the Boothbay, ME, area and beyond. Call (207) 613-6447 for more information.

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